About Us

Oh, Three Oaks!

What a special place for makers, musicians, dreamers, and entrepreneurs. For writers, poets, painters, and spirited souls. For the butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. For party-goers and party throwers. For families, farmers, foodies, gardeners, and cooks. Whether you live, play, have a business here, or all of the above, you call Three Oaks home.

Businesses in the village have united in various ways over the years: some of us belong to the Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce, others belonged to the former Three Oaks Business Association (TOBA), and for the past five years, we’ve loosely organized ourselves as the Three Oaks Merchants.

Now we’re proposing something different: the THREE OAKS MAKERS & MERCHANTS ALLIANCE, a nonprofit organization that brings together artists and artisans, sellers of goods and services, and the many supporters of our unique community.

We’ve stared down a long year of uncharted challenges together. Let’s take our commitment and creativity, infuse it with our professional skills and wisdom, and build an organization that capitalizes on our strengths and celebrates the experience of Three Oaks. Because as we all know, there’s no place like it.

Join the Alliance and expand your reach, amplify your message, and benefit from our collective professional experience.

Join because we are stronger together.

Advisory Board


  • Maintains a website with listings, calendar, and online store
  • Operates a visitor center and store in the heart of downtown
  • Publishes a field guide twice a year
  • Promotes Three Oaks through traditional and social media
  • Designs and sells branded merchandise
  • Hosts fundraisers and minglers
  • Organizes or supports events


Expand your reach exponentially and offset the cost of marketing through regular joint advertising, media, events, and promotions.

Increase your visibility with the collective expertise and efforts of members who are marketing and communications professionals.