Goods & Heroes

We curate an ever-changing collection of art, small-batch apothecary goods, hand-crafted jewelry, and objects for the modern home; all as original and interesting as the makers themselves.
Whether it be modern craft and designer objects, hand-crafted jewelry, small-batch apothecary goods, or wall art from American and European photographers and painters; at Goods & Heroes, each piece is as original and interesting as the maker themselves.

I believe modern makers are the heroes of today’s marketplace. Their imagination and ingenuity breathe new life into what were once just objects. Their passion and authenticity change not only what we treasure, but how we treasure it. My mission is two-fold: to carefully curate an ever-changing collection of beautiful hand-crafted things, and importantly share the stories of those makers who have turned their inspiration and artistry into something truly meaningful.

Suzanna Bierwirth
Owner & Curator

Merchant: Goods & Heroes
Address: 24 N Elm
(Temporarily at 8 Maple St)