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Join our wine club!

Being a wine club member, you will receive three wines, hand picked every month by Pat & Ellie. On the third FRIDAY of every month you can pick them up.


It’s a monthly membership that will average $75. You will be charged for the three bottles with a 10% member discount.

Read about this month’s wines (and a few previous months) in our tasting notes below. Thoughtful and delicious. Every time.


– Bottle Shop Wine Club Members will enjoy a 10% discount on all retail wines. A 15% discount is applied to all re-orders of the current month’s Club wines.

– Bottle Shop Wine Club Members have their monthly wines available on the 3rd Friday of each month. On a 5-Friday month (they do happen!) Pick-Up will be adjusted to be on the 4th Friday of that month.

– All Club dues are processed on the wine club Friday. If you need to update your account information you will need to notify us prior to this monthly due.

– One month notice is required for all Club cancellations and changes. That means if you don’t want March’s wines you will need to notify us by the pick up date in February.

– We have very limited space for which to store wines in at The Bottle Shop. Therefore, we can only hold up to 3 months of Club wines for any one Member. When you reach the three month mark for storage we will notify you. We will either work with you on a pick up date or make arrangements to return your additional months’ wines to the shelves. (You will receive a credit for these wines redeemable at the Bottle Shop.) Thank you for your understanding about our limited space.

Visit P&E Bottle Shop for more information at www.pebottleshop.com